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One provider sought for Higher Education on the Isle of Man

The Department of Education, Sport and Culture is committed to providing and expanding high quality education and training to meet both local business and individual student needs. This ties in with strategic objectives for the Isle of Man Government which established a clear roadmap within the ‘Programme for Government’ for an inclusive, tolerant and sustainable community which places access to skilled workers, financial support and pragmatic regulation and legislation at the heart of its vision.

A key outcome is to provide an education system which matches the Island’s skills requirements now and in the future. This includes a policy commitment to ensure value for money from higher and further education.

In Scope

The Department has commenced a programme of consolidation of higher education services and learning opportunities. Most recently this has included the transfer of the responsibility for Keyll Darree from the Department of Health and Social Care to the Department of Education, Sport and Children.

The Department wishes to explore the market, to identify interest from experienced Universities to provide and deliver higher education courses on the Isle of Man, through the University College Isle of Man.

The Department is looking to work with a single partner university with a proven track record of delivering level 4 and above qualifications to a high standard, which will ensure excellent outcomes for students on the Isle of Man. The Department is looking to work with a partner who shares their values of quality provision and who puts their students at the centre of all that they do.

It is recognised that in order to continue to provide and grow higher education, such partnership working is essential.

There will be no disruption or changes to the current programmes of study. Students will be able to graduate in the course they are currently studying and with the Higher Education Institution that their programme is currently awarded by

Key points:

  • The course that you are currently on and the Award you are working towards will remain the same, as will the awarding body
  • We will ensure that we continue to work with a partner recognised for its high quality and standing as a Higher Education Institute
  • If the Department has a new partner and you are in your 1st year, it may be possible to transfer once options have been agreed with the new provider and once this is confirmed further updates will be provided
  • If the Department has a new partner and you are in your 2nd or 3rd year it is unlikely that you will be able to transfer, but not impossible, and will need careful consideration

Further information is available on the Isle of Man Government Procurement Portal.

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