Strategy to build on Manx language revival

Friday, 24 June 2022

Manx Language Strategy

A strategy, which aims to more than double the number of people learning and speaking Manx by 2032, has been launched.

The Isle of Man’s native language has seen a revival in recent years and nearly 2,000 children are now taught it in schools, as well as increasing numbers of adults taking it up locally and further afield. This upsurge in interest means it is now recognised internationally as an example of best practice for other minority languages.

The plan will see multiple agencies work together in a bid to increase the number of Manx speakers to 5,000 over the next decade by improving resources, training and provision.

The joint Strateysh son y Ghaelg 2022/32 is the second developed by a network of Manx language professionals called Jeebin, which includes representatives from the Isle of Man Government, Manx National Heritage, Culture Vannin and Mooinjer Veggey. Jeebin also draws on expertise from Manx speakers, teachers and voluntary organisations.

The plan will see a concerted effort to broaden the appeal, understanding and use of Manx and includes achievable and measurable targets for its sustainable growth, both on Island and internationally.

Julie Edge MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said:

‘The Manx language helps bring a deep sense of identity and creativity into our schools. It builds speaking networks and communities, encourages lifelong learning, and contributes to the economy.

‘Learning and using our native language can also improve wellbeing and be used to positively promote the Isle of Man on the global stage.’ 

Chris Thomas MHK, Chair of Culture Vannin and Minister for Infrastructure, said:

‘Much has been achieved over the past five years, most notably a higher profile for Manx, both nationally and internationally. Jeebin is delighted to see public and private sectors embrace the language and know that they are part of its continuing story.’

The strategy was launched at Queen Elizabeth High School on Wednesday and can be viewed here

Manx Translation 

Plan dy vishaghey yn aavioaghey Gaelgagh.

Ta plan er ny chur magh as dean echey dy ghoobley yn earroo dy ’leih vees gynsagh as loayrt Gaelg roish 2032.

Ta’n earroo dy ’leih as Çhengey-ny-Mayrey Ellan Vannin oc er vishaghey er y gherrid as ta bunnys daa housane paitçhey nish gynsagh ee ayns ny scoillyn, chammah’s ny smoo as ny smoo sleih aasit chammah ayns Mannin as ayns çheeraghyn elley. S’mie ta’n ooillian shoh (ec yn earroo dy ’lheih ta cur scansh da çhengey-ny-mayrey) er fys ec sleih fud-ny-cruinney myr sampleyr feer vie da glareyn beggey elley.

Ta’n plan kiarail dy bee earroo dy yantyssyn gobbragh cooidjagh dy vishaghey yn earroo dy loayrtee Ghaelgagh dys queig thousane harrish ny jeih bleeaney er-giyn, liorish sharaghey stoo-ynsee as ynsagh chammah son ynseydeyryn as ynseydeee.

Yn nah phlan myr shoh ta Strateysh son y Ghaelg 2022/32, va currit ry-cheilley liorish possan dy ’leih enmyssit ‘Jeebin’ ta cosney nyn mea liorish gobbragh son y Ghaelg. Ta Jeebin goaill stiagh sleih ta shassoo son Reiltys Vannin, Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin, Cuture Vannin as Mooinjer Veggey. Ta Jeebin myrgeddin goaill coyrle veih loayrtee, fir-ynsee and possanyn giastyllagh ta cummal seose çhenegy-ny-mayrey.

Cur scansh, graih as toiggal ec y theay er y Ghaelg vees laboraght vooar ec y phlan, as t’eh myrgeddin goaill stiagh deanyn son gaase yn earroo dy ’leih as y ghlare oc, chammah ayns Mannin as çheeraghyn elley, oddys ve cooilleenit as towsit.

Dooyrt Julie Edge, oltey ny kiare-as-feed as Shirveishagh son Rehynn Ynsee, Spoyrt as Cultoor,

‘Ta Çhengey-ny-Mayrey jannoo ny scoillyn ain ny s’dooie as ny schleioil. T’ee lhiggey dooin troggal seose sheshaghtyn, t’ee greinnaghey sleih dy ynsagh trooidmagh nyn mea, as t’eh cosney argid da’n Ellan.

‘She red oddys gerjaghey sleih as cur jalloo mie jeh Mannin roish y teihll’.

Dooyrt Chris Thomas, oltey ny kiare-as-feed ta goaill stoyll-drommey Chulture Vannin as ta Shirveishagh son Bun-troggalys,

‘Ta wheesh er ve cooilleenit harrish ny queig bleeaney chaie, s’cronnal eh dy vel enn smoo ec yn theay urree nish, chammah sy çheer ain as mygeayrt y teihll. Ta Jeebin goaill taitnys as ad fakin dy vel chammah rheynnyn yn reiltys as co-lughtyn cummal seose çhengey-ny-mayrey as fys oc dy vel ad nyn ayrn jeh skeeal foddey farraghtyn ny Gaelgey.

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