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Manx Curriculum

The Manx Curriculum includes schemes of work/curriculums and many high quality resources, both printable and digital, designed for primary and secondary teachers. It is housed on our internal digital platform Itslearning and helps teachers to provide quality Manx resources so local studies can easily be incorporated into teaching. 

There are many organisations on the Island who provide help and information for schools and who promote many aspects of Manx heritage and culture. One of the aims of the Manx curriculum Itslearning site is to pull all these together into one place so it will save teachers the time in looking for contacts or resources as they will all be held centrally. 

There is also the facility, through email, for teachers to request resources that they need and also to send in other helpful contacts, websites, ideas or photographs to be included on the Itslearning page and to generate ideas for other ways to promote and teach the Manx Curriculum. 

The modified Manx Primary curriculums in music, art, history, geography and PHSE are written with the Essentials for Learning Curriculum at the heart and are intended as a guide for schools to base their own Manx curriculums. They are not statutory. These are also available for teachers on the Itslearning Manx Curriculum Page.

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