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Employment Land Review

In Autumn 2013, Government appointed Peter Brett Associates and Black Grace Cowley to undertake an Employment Land Review (ELR) to:

  • Gather information and evidence about the quality and quantity of and demand for employment land and premises.
  • Identify any constraints on the current zoned land for employment and
  • Identify employment land requirements to meet the needs of the economy in the future.

The ELR Report has been received. It is a robust evidence base on which to base land use plans, to inform decisions on individual planning applications and to support activity to stimulate economic growth. The Review does not identify specific locations for new employment land but rather gives the background evidence to support the preparation of the Strategic Plan and the Area Plans which will assess individual sites for new allocations within the Area Plans.

To read more about the ELR, see:

Employment Land Review Report

Employment Land Review Appendices

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