War Memorials Committee

The Membership of the Committee is:

Mr David Cretney, MLC     (Chair)

Mrs Daphne Caine, MHK   (Vice Chair)

The Venerable Andrew Brown

Mr Keith Dalrymple

Mr Robert Dowty

Mr Hector M Duff BEM MM LGdh TH

The Terms of Reference for the Committee is:

The Committee will be responsible for -

  • ensuring a proper registration of War Memorials throughout the Isle of Man
  • encouraging the proper maintenance and upkeep of such Memorials and
  • avoiding the destruction of, or overseeing the removal of, such Memorials by encouraging the owners or custodians to advise the Committee that such is likely prior to such actions being taken so as to enable the Committee to ascertain any actions that may be appropriate for them to safeguard the Memorial.

The establishment of the Committee will not remove the responsibility for War Memorials from Local Authorities.

Register of War Memorials

The Committee, through a close working relationship with Manx National Heritage, has agreed that the Register of Memorials will be made publically available through the iMuseum.

Annual Reports

The Committee is required to produce an Annual Report to be published and made available on the Government website.

Annual Report – 2018

Annual Report - 2017

Annual Report - 2016

Annual Report - 2015

Annual Report - 2014