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The Office of the Chief Executive

The Office of the Chief Executive (Isle of Man Government) within the Cabinet Office plays a central role in the work of the Isle of Man Government, co-ordinating its corporate policies and managing its international relationships.

In a changing, highly competitive and globalised world, these are aspects of Government that are increasingly important to the Island and its people.

The Office contributes to the good government of the Isle of Man by providing professional advice and services to the Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers and to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor.

The Office also takes a leading role in helping to promote further economic development and in protecting our quality of life and the Island’s constitutional position.

It is responsible for:

  • building solid and positive relations with international decision makers and opinion leaders
  • creating greater awareness of the Island’s history, economy and culture
  • ensuring that immigration, e-borders and security policies continue to serve the best interests of the residents of the Isle of Man

The mission of the Office, in short, is to support good government and protect the international reputation of the Isle of Man, so that all residents may feel they have the freedom to flourish.

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