About Us

Who We Are

The Cabinet Office comprises three divisions: the Council of Ministers Division, the Crown and External Relations Division and the Business Change Division. All three fall under the management of the Chief Secretary.

What We Do

The Office has adopted the following mission statement: 'Through the application of professionalism and integrity and with dedication to quality, the Office shall:

  • support in their respective roles and responsibilities, successful leadership by the Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers and the Lieutenant Governor
  • support the good government of the Isle of Man
  • provide co-ordination across departmental boundaries, in pursuit of improved corporate Government to provide a range of high quality public services to the people of the Isle of Man
  • protect the Island’s reputation and our constitutional position
  • promote effective international relations
  • drive business re-engineering to support effective customer focussed cross government services.'

Other duties of the Office include

Corporate Planning and Operations Manager

  • To assist the Chief Secretary with the operational management of the Office.
  • To lead the co-ordination of the Corporate Planning and Performance Management Initiative.
  • To manage Corporate Projects.
  • To manage the Heads of Divisions within the Chief Secretary's Office.

Council of Ministers Division

  • To enable the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers to provide successful leadership to the Government and people of the Isle of Man.

Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers

  • To provide impartial advice to the Chief Minister and to the Council of Ministers, particularly as regards the implications of proposed changes in policy or legislation or in external developments.
  • To lead the public service's response to the Council of Ministers' initiative on delivering Corporate Government and Business Planning across Government.

External Relations and Crown Division

  • To enable the Government to promote and continue the evolution of the constitutional relationship between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom and ensure recognition of the Island's interests internationally whilst honouring its international obligations.
  • To ensure the effective management of the executive functions vested in the office of the Lieutenant Governor, and other miscellaneous functions vested in the Chief Secretary's Office.

Government House

  • To provide high quality advice and assistance to the Lieutenant Governor in the exercise of his Crown responsibilities and to manage the administration of Government House.

Lieutenant Governor

  • To provide impartial advice as required to the Governor on His Excellency's residual executive functions and to ensure the quality of the service provided by His Excellency in respect of the discharge of those functions.