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Our Big Picture

Our Big Picture – 5 to 10 year Economic Strategy Business Surveys

The Isle of Man Government has commissioned KPMG to help produce a five to ten year economic strategy, called the “Our Big Picture” project.

A significant part of this project is to properly, for the first time, understand the Island’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and you may have already been part of some workshops about this.

To help to build upon the information we have gathered in these workshops, we also need to gather a range of financial and operational data from businesses across all sectors of our economy.

The information you provide will be held in a secure digital platform in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act 1999. Additionally, your responses will be combined with those of many others and will be summarised in a report to further protect your anonymity. Your anonymised, aggregated responses will be shared with KPMG - the strategic partner of the Isle of Man Government in the development of Island’s long-term economic strategy (“Our Big Picture”). No individually identifiable information will be shared with KPMG.

The survey is made up of two parts, one relating to the financial position of your company or organisation and the second relating to the operational situation. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete both parts of the survey.

The survey has now closed. 

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