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Isle of Man Housing market

The Isle of Man Housing Market Review is intended to provide a greater level of information regarding the Isle of Man’s housing market than is provided in other summary statistics such as Isle of Man in Numbers, the Quarterly Economic Report to the Council of Ministers or the Economic Recovery Group dashboard.

This report provides longer time series data across a number of areas including:

  • The weighted property price
  • House Prices
  • Flat Prices
  • Affordability of housing on the Island
  • Transactions volumes; and
  • Mortgage lending and housing stock

Most of the data used in this report has been provided by the Land Registry, supplemented with information from the 2021 and 2016 censuses and also information that is supplied to the Bank of England in respect of lending.

The data that is received from the Land Registry can be subject to significant time delays based on when transactions are lodged with the Land Registry. Due to this fact, the price and transaction data is provisional for 12 months after the first estimate has been published and is therefore subject to change.

The data included in this report can be accessed through the Economy section of our Open Data page, on which the Land Registry also provides regular extracts of all property and land transactions.

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