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Consumer Prices Index (CPI)

Inflation as measured by Consumer price index stands at 10.4% for August 2022, down from 10.8% in July 2022.

'Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels' continues to be the biggest contributor to the rate of inflation with an increase of 27.5%. All prices within this category saw an increase compared to 12 months ago, with 'Oils and other fuels', seeing the biggest increase of (86.0%).

'Transport' has seen the second biggest increase contributing 12.7% to the overall CPI. 'Petrol and Oil' has seen the biggest increase in this category (39.1%).

The third biggest contributor to the rate of inflation was 'Restaurants and Hotels', which has increased by 11.5% since August 2021. The largest increase in this category was 'Catering', which is up 12% over the past year. 

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