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Household Income and Expenditure Survey

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey is the second largest survey, after the Census, that Statistics Isle of Man undertakes on behalf of Government.

The purpose of the survey is to better understand the income sources and expenditure patterns of different types of households on the Isle of Man. It breaks down spending by Isle of Man households into 14 groups of expenditure by type, which is presented for all households, quartiles and into different household types.

The survey results are important to the Island as they are the basis for determining a large part of the Island’s VAT and Customs duties under the agreement with the UK, referred to as the Final Expenditure Revenue Sharing Agreement (FERSA), as the survey provides detailed information about the goods and services that are consumed on the Island, even if they are purchased online or in the UK.

The results of the survey are also used to reweight the Isle of Man Inflation indices including updating the goods and services that are included in the baskets and it is also used for calculating the level of fuel poverty on the Island.

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