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Health Protection

  • Has overall responsibility for the management of incidents and outbreaks of infectious diseases

  • Leads Public Health response during incidents in line with the Emergency Planning Resilience and Response (EPRR) arrangements as part of the Isle of Man Emergency Response Plan

  • Strategically develops and maintain effective systems for the surveillance of communicable disease and environmental hazards and uses outputs to inform and influence local and national Public Health actions, policies and strategies

  • Is responsible (with DHSC) for strategic commissioning of vaccination and immunisation programmes and population screening programmes

We plan and deliver effective services which co-ordinate, strengthen and support activities to protect all the people on the Isle of Man from infectious diseases and environmental hazards.

We do this by providing advice, support and information to health professionals, government departments, the general public and a number of other bodies that play an important part in protecting health.

Harm reduction

Isle of Man Take-Home Naloxone Programme

Outbreak surveillance

Isle of Man Outbreak Surveillance


Travel Health Pro – Latest News

Worldwide Outbreak Surveillance

Notifiable Diseases and Causative Agents

Certain infectious diseases and causative agents are legally required to be notified to Public Health. The following page outlines which diseases and causative agents are notifiable and how to notify Public Health of a case.

Notifiable diseases, causative agents and contamination

Guidance and Advice

Guidance on COVID-19

Guidance on Handwashing

Guidance on Diarrhoea and vomiting

Guidance on Managing Infections in Schools and Workplaces

Guidance on Travel and Health

Vaccination and Immunisation programmes

Vaccination programmes

Travel Vaccines

Travel Vaccines

Yellow Fever Centres

Yellow Fever 


Avian or Bird Flu


Mobile Phone Masts & 5G

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Isle of Man Radon Report - March 2023


Summer Health

Reviewed: June 2023

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