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Mortality Reporting

An annual series of reports on the causes of deaths registered on the island and monitoring of trends in mortality rates. Although we will look at data from individual years it is important to remember that our relatively small numbers may cause annual fluctuations.

Therefore any annual changes should be considered in the context of wider mortality trends. Due to this, some of the data can only be presented as 3-year averages.

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of mortality rates over the last 12 years and analyses on top causes of death for island residents.

This report is the first of its kind to capture a range of data showing trends and causes of death over more than a decade, and will be updated annually. The Isle of Man benchmarks itself against official mortality figures for England and Wales and Jersey.

Mortality Reports


Published: December 2023

2021: Mortality Report (PDF)

2021: Mortality Profile (PDF)


Published: June 2022

2020 Mortality Report (PDF)

2020: Data and Tables for Mortality Report (Excel download)

2020: Mortality Profile (PDF)

2020: Mortality Profile Metadata (Excel download)

2018 and 2019

Published: November 2021

2018 & 2019 Mortality Report (PDF)

2018-19: Data and Tables for Mortality Report (Excel download)


Published: February 2019

2017: Mortality Report (PDF)

2017: Data and Tables for Mortality Report (Excel download)

2015 - 2017: Mortality Profile Master Sheet (Excel download)

2015 - 2017: Mortality Profile Flat File (Excel download)


Reviewed: June 2022

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