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Cancer Intelligence Report

This is an annual report providing basic statistics on the incidence of cancer in Manx residents. It is produced by the Cancer Intelligence Group, a collaborative group of professionals from both Public Health and Manx Care.

The group has worked to gather the data outlined in the report from a variety of sources in an approach that is aligned with – and validated by – the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) (part of NHS Digital – formerly Public Health England).

The purpose of the report is to enable the Isle of Man to benchmark itself against other jurisdictions like England, ensuring that any anomalies or changes in trends are identified and investigated to help inform the development of future policies, programmes and cancer support services locally.

Given the smaller data sample on the Isle of Man, rates are calculated per 100,000 using five-year rolling averages. Further information on the methodology used can be found within the reports.

Cancer Intelligence Reports


Published: August 2023

Cancer Intelligence Report – 2019

FAQs Cancer Intelligence Report – 2019


Published: July 2022

Cancer Intelligence Report – 2018 

FAQs Cancer Intelligence Report – 2018

Data Annex Cancer Intelligence Report – 2018 

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