Health Intelligence

Health Intelligence is the gathering and analysis of data to assess health and health needs of the population of the Isle of Man, ensuring data is accessible to all decision makers and continuously improving the quality of the data collected.

The data is collected from a variety of sources around government and from the third sector and local residents. It is then analysed to produce meaningful information. This is used to help inform future policy as well as indicate areas of improvement for health and wellbeing.

Health Intelligence process - data - information - intelligence - policy and advocacy - action - repeat

Data Collection

Public Health Outcomes Framework

The Isle of Man Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) is a dataset including information on a variety of health and wellbeing indicators. The data allows us to measure the health and wellbeing of the Isle of Man population against other areas in England in order to determine how well we are doing as a nation.

The PHOF data is compiled using information from our annual surveys and reports and helps us to have a more complete picture of the Isle of Man’s health and wellbeing.

View our PHOF datasets.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

In 2022, we launched the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Programme which is an annual process to review and identify key priority areas for assessment looking at the whole of the Island's population. Our annual surveys and data reports will help to inform the priorities chosen and ultimately feed into a final JSNA report. Based on this data and best practice evidence, the report will make recommendations to other Government Departments for the implementation of new strategies or policies to improve services and programmes of work. The recommendations will address those areas that are in most need.

Read more about our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Programme.

Health and Lifestyle Surveys

Health and lifestyle survey 2019 cover - shot of Castle Rushen

Our health and lifestyle surveys collect up to date information on the main risk factors in our population. The surveys cover questions on health, wellbeing, diet and lifestyle choices. The results of the survey are used to monitor the Island population's health and wellbeing. We also look at comparisons between these results and the results of previous surveys to see if there has been a change in the Island's health and wellbeing.

View our previous health and lifestyle surveys.


We publish a series of reports each year. They are a mix of ongoing data collection from various sources and analyses of survey responses.

Cancer Intelligence Report

Beginning in 2022, the annual cancer report provides basic statistics on the incidence of cancer in Manx residents. The report is produced by the Cancer Intelligence Group, a collaborative group of professionals from both Public Health and Manx Care. Its purpose is to enable the Isle of Man to benchmark itself against other jurisdictions like England, ensuring that any anomalies or changes in trends are identified and investigated to help inform the development of future policies, programmes and cancer support services locally.

View our cancer intelligence reports and data.

Respiratory surveillance system reporting

Respiratory illnesses can strain health and social care services and cause significant absences from work and school during the winter months. Data collected by this integrated respiratory surveillance system will help inform control measures by monitoring the spread and intensity of respiratory viruses and vaccination progress.

Over the coming weeks the report will evolve to include surveillance from across the domains of community, primary care, secondary care, vaccination, mortality and global monitoring surveillance.

Read the respiratory surveillance report.

COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report

Public Health Isle of Man published COVID-19 surveillance reports from August 2021 to August 2022. This has been superseded by the Surveillance of Respiratory Illnesses.

Read our past COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance reports.

Mortality Report

The annual mortality report reveals the top causes of deaths on the Isle of Man for that year. The information in this report is used to benchmark ourselves against figures in other jurisdictions to give us overall trends in mortality rates.

View our mortality reports and data.

Director of Public Health Annual Report

The Isle of Man an equal society report cover

The Director of Public Health Report is an annual report produced to inform people about the state of health and wellbeing in their community. The report provides an in depth analysis of a particular topic to aid decision-makers in health and across local authorities. Previous reports have focused on equality, childhood obesity and an overall picture of health based on PHOF data.

Read more about our Director of Public Health Reports.

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For other data released by Isle of Man Government visit Open Data.

Reviewed: June 2022