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Since 2016, the Workplace Wellbeing group has held an annual conference for the Island’s organisations to attend. The group also supports regular networking sessions hosted by Island organisations on a topic of their choice.

These events promote a key objective of the Programme for Government’s ‘Healthy and Safe Island’ theme – focusing on the prevention of issues by encouraging people to take greater responsibility for their own health and make good lifestyle choices.   

Past Events

Workplace Wellbeing Conference 2022 ‘Workforce Wellbeing: Connecting Home and Work’
23 November 2022 - COMIS Hotel


The event featured topics including building confidence, sustainability, financial wellbeing, cybersecurity, nutrition, sound bathing, emotional intelligence and mental resilience.

Workplace Wellbeing Networking Session – Measuring Wellbeing: The Return on Investment of Wellbeing at Work
13 October 2022 – Barclays Eagle Lab

Jenny Winspear

Jenny Winspear, Chief Operating Officer of Anova, discussed the why, what, and how to measure wellbeing at work.

Scott Gould with Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer

Workplace Wellbeing Networking Session – The Art and Science of Engaging ANYONE
15 February 2022 – Laxey Pavillion

Guest speaker Scott Gould (right), the King of Engagement, discussed getting critical engagement from people in these critical times.

Workplace Wellbeing Conference 2021 ‘Fit For Work – Present and Productive’
24 November 2021 - COMIS Hotel (Mount Murray) 

The event featured topics including mental health, trauma informed workplaces, nutrition, financial wellbeing and more.

Networking session: Exploring Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace
2 June 2021 - Manx Telecom Headquarters

An open panel discussion centering around the the pillars of inclusion and diversity: 

  •  Ability
  •  Gender
  •  Sexuality
  •  Political
  •  Multicultural
  •  Socioeconomic
  •  Faith/Religion

Speakers 2020

Workplace Wellbeing Conference – 2020
26 November 2020 – Comis Hotel (Mount Murray)

Topics for 2020 included:

  • Introduction to Change Curve
  • Avoiding burnout in healthcare professionals
  • Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal complaints in the workplace
  • Suicide prevention in the Isle of Man
  • Embedding a wellbeing culture in the workplace
  • Dynamic Management through COVID-19
  • Substance Abuse in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop – 2019
21 November 2019 – Comis Hotel (Mount Murray)

Topics for 2019 included:

  • Understanding and Adapting to a Modern Workforce
  • Developing a Mentally Healthy Workplace
  • How the Equality Act Supports Wellbeing
  • Equality Act 2017: Friend or Foe to Employers?
  • Domestic Abuse in the Workplace
  • The Five Side Effects of Kindness

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop – 2018
15 November 2018 – Mount Murray Golf Club

Work & Life: the whole you

Topics for 2018 included:

  • The Sleep Geek: How to Sleep Better
  • Sustrans: Active Travel to Work
  • Lisa Lowe Centre: Active Listening
  • Talking Menopause
  • Panel debate: Challenges, leadership and work-life balance

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop – 2017
22 November 2017 – The Sefton Hotel

Working your way to better health: A further insight into improving Workplace Wellbeing

Topics from 2017 included:

  • The current health profile of the working-age population in the Isle of Man
  • Personal resilience and stress management
  • Health, age and the workforce
  • An update on the Equality Act
  • Wellbeing and the manual worker
  • Winners of the Awards for Excellence 'Workplace Wellbeing' category

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop – 2016
1 December 2016 - Keyll Darree, Noble’s Hospital

2016 was the first year of the Workplace Wellbeing Workshop.

Topics included:

  • The healthy worker – setting a wellbeing strategy
  • An introduction to resilience
  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • In conversation: making wellbeing work
  • Launch of the workplace wellbeing toolkit

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