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Douglas Promenade 15/00594/B

Planning application 15/00594/B (DF15/0019)

Douglas Promenade   

The Inspector confirms that the Inquiry is now formally closed. He thanks all concerned for their contributions to the Inquiry and will now complete his report and make a recommendation on the application to the Council of Ministers.

Reconstruction of the highway and footways to create a low speed streetscape, relocation of horse tram tracks on to the promenade walkway, resurfacing the promenade walkway and creation of a cultural quarter near Gaiety Theatre. 

During the inquiry the Inspector requested copies of the most up-to-date versions of the (DOI) Designer's Risk Register, the (Burroughs Stewart Associates) Designer's Summary of Significant Hazards and Risks: Construction and Operational, and the (SMS) Risk Profiling Register. PDF versions of these documents are available.

The following documents (zip folder) have been provided by the applicants at the request of the Inspector. They are for information only and no comments may be made.

1. Plan showing the visibility distances as they apply at the cut "throughs" on to the Loch Promenade Walkway
2. An explanatory statement on the application of the visibility distances
3. An extract of the Horse Tram Speeds, based upon GPS records, covers 4 days
4. A schedule of existing Promenade Dimensions
5. Statement on Flood Risk for Douglas Promenade Scheme, with two complementary documents

During the inquiry the Inspector requested an addendum report by the Highway Services Directorate. PDF versions of the report and accompanying documents are now available. The Inspector has requested receipt of comments by the Applicant Department and the main objectors on this report by 18 December 2015.

Paper copies of the plans, Planning Officer's report, consultations and correspondence from contributors are available to view at the Cabinet Office, Third Floor, Government Offices, Bucks Road, Douglas. 

Please see the Downloadable Documents for additional comments received by the Cabinet Office and also for the Department of Infrastructure's statement of case and summary statements.

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