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Chief Minister pays tribute to public servants who stepped up during period of change

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

The Chief Minister Alfred Cannan MHK has paid tribute the Island’s public servants who have ‘held fast’ during a period of significant change for the Island’s Public Service.

Addressing Members in Tynwald, the Chief Minister said:

‘We have had considerable change in senior leadership in the Public Service since May last year.  I must pay tribute to those who stepped up and held interim positions when they were needed and to the many other officers who held fast in disruption through change, particularly in the Cabinet Office but in many other departments.

‘We owe a debt of gratitude those who stepped in to take on vacant Chief Officer and other posts when we needed them to – thank you. You kept the wheels turning and flexed with the demands of the day as a political will for change was taking hold.’

The Chief Minister expressed particular gratitude to Caldric Randall who has served as interim Chief Executive (Isle of Man Government) over the past 15 months.

The Chief Minister said:

‘I am extremely grateful to Caldric for stepping into the role on the retirement of the Chief Secretary and being prepared to do so.  He has worked tirelessly throughout this period providing stability and focus with his usual pragmatism, diligence and good humour and provided myself and my Ministerial colleagues with steadfast support and counsel throughout his time in post. He returns to his role as Chief Financial Officer in the Treasury with our sincere gratitude.’

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