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Support available for victims of abuse

Wednesday, 8 February 2023

In the upcoming Tynwald sitting, 21 to 23 February, the Chief Minister will apologise on behalf of the Government for past mistakes that contributed to children being abused at the Knottfield children’s home.

This will take place during a debate on the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee’s report on Historic Child Abuse at Knottfield and the Council of Ministers’ response to the report.

The Council of Ministers understands and is acutely aware that the upcoming debate, and associated media reports, may be retraumatising for the victims, and their friends and families.

The Council of Ministers regrets the delay in holding this debate, which was due to the court proceedings involved, and appreciates that added delays – and further news coverage – contribute to the revictimisation and retraumatisation which is so damaging to those seeking to heal and find closure.

Government has liaised with Victim Support on the sensitive handling of this matter and how to best support victims. Anyone who is concerned about themselves, or someone close to them, can access free and confidential support and advice from Victim Support using the contact details below:

Victim Support Isle of Man,
6 Albert Street,

Telephone: +44 1624 679950



Victim Support provide an independent sexual violence adviser to work with and support victims of sexual crime. Victim Support will also provide support to victims seeking compensation through the Criminal Injury Compensation Panel, to ensure that they are dealt with in a compassionate and victim-focused way.

Members of the public may wish to consider how triggers in the news and social media in the coming weeks may affect them and adjust their interactions with these sources accordingly.

Those experiencing retraumatisation may feel a loss of safety and security and heightened negative emotions. They should speak to someone they trust if feeling this way. Anyone feeling anxious, upset or hopeless should seek support.

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