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Consultation will inform Island’s longer term refugee policy

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Consultation will inform Island’s longer term refugee policy

The public are invited to give their views on the Island’s future policy response for refugees fleeing places of conflict to inform the development of an updated refugee policy.

A consultation, opening today, aims to explore the views and thoughts of residents on how the Island should determine and approach policy on accepting refugees and will create an accurate picture on what support and services the public believe should be offered to those fleeing conflict.

Following Government’s support of humanitarian efforts in response to the invasion of Ukraine, including the successful initiative to help and welcome those fleeing Ukraine through the Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine Scheme, Government committed to reviewing and updating the broader policy on refugees by July 2023, following a Tynwald debate in April 2022.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Kate-Lord Brennan MHK said:

‘The Island has welcomed over 100 Ukrainian guests since March which is a credit to the successful scheme that was set up quickly and represents a first for the Island. We can now learn from this experience, and from the views of the community sought in this consultation, and prepare a broader updated refugee policy for the Island that will be ready for debate in Tynwald next July, as required by the Tynwald resolution. 

‘There is a case for a longer term appropriate policy and approach which should be set out, debated and confirmed, and the experiences now gained will aid that.’

The consultation will be open for six weeks, until 13 December 2022, and will be available to view on the Government website and may also be downloaded electronically from the Consultation hub.

Alternatively, written comments can be emailed to or by post to Jasmine Cowin, External Relations, 3rd Floor, Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas.

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