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Event will look at measuring workplace wellbeing

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Networking Session on ‘Measuring Wellbeing: The Return on Investment of Wellbeing at Work’

The Workplace Wellbeing Group has announced a free Networking Session on ‘Measuring Wellbeing: The Return on Investment of Wellbeing at Work’, to take place on 13 October.

The event will be at the Barclays Eagle Lab in Douglas. There will be two sessions – the first from 9am to 11am and then from 10:30am to 12:30pm, with a crossover networking opportunity in between.

Hosted by Anova, a wellbeing platform that helps businesses to measure and manage wellbeing, the event will cover the why, what and how of measuring wellbeing at work.

Chief Operating Officer of Anova, Jenny Winspear, is an experienced wellbeing consultant with a Masters in Organisational Psychology. She will discuss how to link wellbeing outcomes to bottom-line measures such as productivity, retention and engagement, and will answer the key questions:

  • Where do you start with workplace wellbeing?
  • Why is measuring so important?
  • How do you measure the wellbeing of your workforce?
  • What do you do with the results?

Jenny said:

‘Wellbeing has skyrocketed to the top of the strategic agenda and creating a happier, healthier workplace is having a huge impact on retention and employee value propositions. At Anova, we have seen many organisations create well-designed workplace wellbeing programmes, but the question always remains as to whether it is meeting the needs of its employees. We believe that evidence is the most important part in maintaining an effective workplace wellbeing programme.

She continued:

‘This event will help you to gather this evidence and start to measure your programmes effectively. We welcome people from all sectors, at all levels of the organisation. Please join us for what I hope will be a stimulating conversation.’

Workplace Wellbeing Lead for Public Health, Lauren Gray commented:

‘Our networking events are very popular because it gives people a chance to get into the detail of a topic and return to their workplaces with practical information. I am looking forward to the event with Anova as measuring wellbeing is a topic that is not explored enough. It will be interesting to hear Jenny’s perspective, both as a wellbeing platform provider and an organisational psychologist.’

The event is free, but people are asked to reserve a space in advance.

The Workplace Wellbeing Group is a collaborative initiative between the public, private and third sectors. The Group holds an annual conference and facilitates regular networking events.

Anyone can host a networking event if they have a topic they want to discuss related to workplace wellbeing.  If you are interested in hosting a networking session or getting involved in workplace wellbeing in any way, please get in touch via email at

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