Isle of Man Research Ethics Committee

The Isle of Man Research Ethics Committee (IOMREC) provides independent advice to the Cabinet Office on the extent to which proposals for research studies comply with recognised ethical standards.

The purpose of the Committee is to review any proposed health and social care research involving human participants, tissue or data in order to protect the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of all actual or potential research participants.

The Committee attend the following meetings for 2020:

  • Tuesday 14 January
  • Tuesday 11 February
  • Tuesday 17 March
  • Tuesday 21 April
  • Tuesday 19 May
  • Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 8 September
  • Tuesday 6 October
  • Tuesday 10 November
  • Tuesday 8 December


Lillian Boyle Lay +
Vacant Expert
David Neilan Expert
Alison Gomme Lay +
Dr. Ameeta Patel Expert
Isobel Hasnan Expert
Nicci Igoea Lay
Vacant Lay


If you are unsure if your project is research, please complete the Health Research Authority decision tool 

If your project is research, applications can be submitted online via the Integrated Ethics Portal (IEP)

The deadline for submission of a research proposal is two weeks prior to the intended IOMREC meeting date. Submissions at this stage are expected to have been through the peer review process.

All submissions are required to be peer reviewed before being submitted to the IOMREC, if you are unsure about the peer review process, please get in touch with the Research and Development Unit 

If you have any queries about the IOMREC please contact:

Research and Development

Email:Send Email