Funding Streams

The Isle of Man International Development annual budget for 2018 – 2019 included an increase of £100,000.00, raising the budget from £2.4 million to £2.5 million. This is distributed via five different permanent funding streams.

As well as these five funding streams, in 2017 the Council of Ministers agreed to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through a donation of £973,000 to provide aid and humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.

 More information on the Isle of Man support to Syrian Refugees.  

Disaster and Emergency Relief - £600,000 per year

This budget is reserved for Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Live Appeals. Appeals are made as and when necessary and focus on one specific disaster related situation.

More information on Disaster and Emergency Relief

International Development Partnerships - £1.2 million per year (£2.4 million per two-year funding cycle)

Two-year partnerships with a small number of respected and recognised international charities, registered in either the Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. Funding provided will be used for international development projects which meet the international development policy objectives agreed by the Council of Ministers.

More information on International Development Partnerships (IDPs)

Small Grants - £270,000 per year (£540,000 per two-year funding cycle)

Small Grants are for projects delivered by Isle of Man registered charities over a period of two years. Any project funded will be required to meet the international development policy objectives agreed by the Council of Ministers.

More information on Small Grants

International Development Education & Awareness Raising (IDEAR) Grant - £30,000 over 12 months

This grant will be awarded on an annual basis to an Isle of Man registered organisation or partnership, to deliver international development education and raise awareness of international development issues on the Island.

More information on the International Development Education and Awareness Raising Grant.

Small Countries Financial Management Programme (SCFMP) - £300,000 per year

The SCFMP’s purpose is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of small countries through capacity building in the government financial sector of small developing countries. The Programme facilitates networking and sharing of best practice among officials regarding financial management and regulatory issues, specific to small developing countries.

More information on the Small Countries Financial Management Programme.

For the year 2018 – 2019 the Council of Ministers agreed to allocate £50,000 of the increase in budget (£100,000) to the Disaster and Emergency Relief Budget. The remaining £50,000 has been allocated to the Small Countries Financial Management Centre (SCFMC).