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Interception of Communications

Interception of Communications Act 1988 and Theft Act 1981

The Procedures for the Issue, Review, Renewal and Cancellation of Warrants (the Procedures), in respect of the Interception of Communications Act 1988 and Theft Act 1981 (the Acts), relate to the powers, responsibilities and duties under the provisions within the Acts.

The Procedures outline the process that must be followed, before the interception of communications can take place under those provisions. The process is carried out by Cabinet Office staff who have obtained security clearance to undertake the issue, review, renewal and cancellation of warrants under the Acts and form part of the statutory duties of the Cabinet Office.

The Interception of Information Commissioner is appointed pursuant to section 9(1) of the Interception of Communications Act 1988 (as amended). The Commissioner is required to submit an annual report pursuant to section 9(6) of the Act. The Act requires the Commissioner to keep under review the carrying out by the Chief Minister of the functions conferred on them by sections 2 to 5 of the Act and the adequacy of any arrangements made for the purposes of section 6 of the Act which provides for safeguards in the implementation of the Act. Section 9A of the Theft Act 1981 also extends those requirements to warrants issued under that legislation.

For more information about the powers conferred by the Acts and the role of the Interception of Communications Commissioner and the Tribunal please follow the links below:

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