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Government Plan

The Government Corporate Business Plan

A SIX-POINT action plan setting out the way ahead for the Isle of Man Government over the next three years was published on January 9, 2003.

The Government Plan, the first of its kind, lists a range of objectives and targets under six headings - economic progress, social well-being, quality environment, sound infrastructure, good government, and positive national identity. Government's core purpose is identified as supporting the Island's quality of life.

The aims and objectives set out in the Government Plan flow from Government's core purpose, agreed by the Council of Ministers as: 'To maintain and build on the high quality of life enjoyed by the Island's community.'

The six central aims, each leading in turn to a range of more specific objectives and targets, are:

  • Economic Progress - manageable and diversified growth to raise living standards, fund public services and create job opportunities
  • Social Well-being - including health, community safety, housing, social inclusion, education, community spirit and leisure
  • Quality Environment - including waste management, planning, conservation, air and water quality, and sustainable development
  • Sound Infrastructure - internal and external transport, drainage, public utilities, telecommunications and public buildings
  • Good Government - including quality public services, value for money, protection of human rights, respect for the rule of law, citizenship and equal opportunities
  • Positive National Identity - covering such areas as international reputation and representation, greater self-government and promotion of Manx culture and heritage
  • The Government Plan, and the associated Departmental plans and Annual Report, have been developed from, and supersede, the former Policy Review process.
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