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Housing and Communities Board

Housing and Communities Board
C/O Third Floor
Government Office
Bucks Road

Telephone: +44 1624 686771

Chair: David Ashford MHK                           

The Island Plan outlines the vision of everyone having a ‘suitable and affordable place to call home’ with the island’s housing stock 'meeting the needs of our population now and in the future'. The work streams set out within the Island Plan demonstrate the commitment to ensuring that public and private sector housing is accessible, secure and affordable.

The Housing and Communities Action Plan 2022/23 lays out the initial 12 month actions to articulate more of the legislative, financial and practical interventions to deliver this vision.

Action plan diagramThe Action plan is split into six key areas of work:

  • Homes for all
  • Housing first
  • Modern housing & tenancy law
  • Vibrant communities
  • Change how we work
  • The right housing stock

Since inception, the Board has successfully:

  • Engaged with third sector partners on addressing homelessness and exploring delivery of a Housing First concept as part of a comprehensive strategic review

  • Increased the earning thresholds of the Shared Equity Purchase Assistance Schemes for First Time Buyers

  • Held a public webinar to outline changes to the First Time Buyer Schemes and seek feedback as part of a full review to be carried out in Autumn 2022

  • Committed resources to identify and tackle the issues surrounding key workers relocating to the Island
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