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Working with our partners across Government

Most projects have at least one Nominated Representative who is a senior officials within DHSC, Manx Care, Treasury or Public Health (depending on the project need) nominated by their Chief Officer (or Director of Public Health). They are there to help guide the relevant project, ensure their organisation delivers to its timescales in accordance with the project plans, provide support and resources from their organisation (at all levels) and act as a conduit to their organisation, representing the work of the project.

Some projects have Key Contacts, where the same level of responsibility of a nominated representative is not appropriate but there is still interest in the detailed work of the project. As such, in order to share plans and progress for awareness at a level below those who attend the Transformation Board from those organisations, named individuals from DHSC, Manx Care, Treasury or Public Health will be kept informed of plans and progress by the projects on a regular basis.

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