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Professional Development Seminars

A series of informative one hour long presentations or interviews with leading speakers from around the world, to learn of their experiences of health and care transformation. They are organised by Professor James Kingsland, Independent Adviser and Chair of the Clinical and Professional Transformation Panel for the Isle of Man Health and Care Transformation Programme.

Please follow the below links to access recordings of past seminars.

For further information, or to receive a direct invitation to future seminars, contact us at:

Transformational Change leadership course (TCLC)

The TCLC is a bespoke course designed to support clinicians and professionals, of all disciplines in health and care services, to develop an understanding of their role in contributing to the management and leadership in the continuing transformation of health and care services on the Island. It is hoped that developing new ways of working will, in time, improve outcomes for patients and service users, in line with the aims of the Programme. 

The course, led by the Independent Clinical/Professional Adviser to the Programme, commenced in autumn 2021 and the first cohort completed in June 2022. This course has been very well received by the participants, with lots of positive testimonials received. Due to the success of this course, a second cohort commenced in September.

We are always happy to help or give more information should you be interested in the course in the future, or have any further questions. You can get in touch with us at

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