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Workforce and Culture

Project Lead: To be confirmed

Project Manager: Julie Colquitt

Project Team: Tina Fisher and Holly Ball


The project aims to introduce a new workforce model which enables the joint optimisation of the social/people and technical/process elements of culture that create a high performing organisation. The project will deliver the following objectives for Manx Care:

  • Deliver a workforce audit that accurately reflects the current culture and can be used as the basis for recommendations for the future for staff
  • Identify and reprioritise all organisational development, design and cultural initiatives that have taken place or recommended to date
  • Conduct a workforce skills audit to assess the extent to which the workforce is skilled and capable of providing the services the people of the Isle of Man require
  • Develop skills, career paths and Continuous Development Programmes for all professions, grades and bands across the organisation, including new and emerging disciplines, that enable staff to work at the top of their licence and be empowering and successful leaders 
  • Develop tools for ensuring that all staff are participating in a value driven appraisal process
  • Design and implement a strategic employee engagement programme that seeks to improve employee morale, engagement and confidence
  • Design and introduce a framework for promoting and delivering integrated working that includes multi-disciplinary and shadow working as well as working across sites and teams in order to support the vision for the model of care 
  • Introduce a modern and values-driven internal communication framework and guidance that promotes openness, transparency and clear messaging
  • Design and implement a recruitment strategy that addresses issues with recruiting and retaining skilled workers across the health and care system


  • Engagement with workforce at all levels
  • Supporting the First Leadership Academy Programme which commenced Autumn 2021
  • Values Workshops ‘Back to Basics’
  • Appraisal/PDP review
  • Cultural assessments and local action plans
  • Team of the month award
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders
  • CARE values review and recommendations
  • Designed Change Coach Programme
  • Research on psychological safety
  • Wellbeing offering & promotion of
  • Agreed methodology to Workforce Planning/Modelling
  • Research for an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme
  • Listening & signposting for support
  • Research for an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme
  • Surveying – analysing & recommending
  • CARE values launched

Aims for the next 12 months

  • Workforce planning/modelling (Theatres underway, pending agreement on priority order for rest of organisation – proposed Social Care, Midwifery Services, Paediatrics, Integrated Primary Care Services). PCAS and Pathways
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme (Terms of Reference agreed for forum, procuring specialist advice from consultant in this field, ELT rep agreed, first focus group held)
  • Staff space funding/committee – progressing with procuring items to improve/create staff comfort areas in Ramsey Cottage, Central Community Health Centre and Nobles staff restaurant
  • Develop a systematic change management programme – research phase, all about 'systems thinking'
  • Psychological safety programme – workshop development complete, waiting for sign-off, pilot with ELT, roll-out to Manx Care
  • Target sickness absence reduction – wellbeing opportunities (increase promotion and engagement where possible), Activ8 business case, investigating wellbeing apps, mental health support for staff etc
  • Recruitment strategy actions – Closely working with TAS and Manx Care CP and Exit interview process, values-based recruitment, improving retention of staff and supporting staff who relocate to the Island
  • PDP/Appraisal system - focus groups held, recommendations/options paper drafted, pending information on IOMG-wide approach and review of MRTC appraisal trial
  • Leadership & Management teams – working with the ELT and Care Group Leaders/managers to provide opportunities/guidance in terms of visibility, executive development programmes, training, undertaking insights/MBTI

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