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Implement External Quality Regulation

Project Manager: Rachael Harrison


This project will ensure that there is a consistent, independent and systematic approach to the inspection of all health and care services delivered or commissioned by Manx Care. It will set out an agreed set of standards as well as a rigorous process to understand, critically assess and act on the findings. The project will deliver the following outcomes:

  • A systemic, robust approach to the independent inspection of the quality of provision of all health and care services
  • A defined set of quality standards for health and care services that encourage services to improve outcomes and engage in continuous improvement
  • Means for identification of any issues in the quality of care which need to be addressed by the organisations delivering care
  • Means for remediation plan (with timescale) to rectify any issues identified
  • An agreed process and responsibility for successful implementation of remediation plans and
  • Enable measurable improvements in care against a defined baseline


  • This project was slowed down during the first wave of COVID-19 to limit strain on limited DHSC resources – activity resumed once the strain reduced
  • Finalised Service Level Agreement (and related arrangements) between the DHSC and Care Quality Commission (CQC) to inspect the majority of health and care services mandated to Manx Care
  • Completed validation phase for inspections of relevant health and care services delivered/commissioned by Manx Care by CQC. This gave a greater understanding of the Island’s provision of health and care services, the challenges we face on the Island, in addition to the expectations of DHSC and CQC for a much smoother running of later inspection phases and the delivery of high quality inspections which fulfil our needs.
  • Identified reporting format
  • Progressed work to identify appropriate and willing alternate providers of services for services out of CQC scope

Aims for the next 12 months

  • CQC to deliver initial inspection of health and care services delivered/commissioned by Manx Care within scope (Adult Social Care, Primary Care and Hospital)
  • Identify, procure and enable the establishment of other inspector(s) beyond CQC to undertake baseline assessment of service

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For more information, visit the DHSC’s website with which the Health and Care Transformation Programme are working collaboratively.

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