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Closed and Transferred Projects

Transferred Projects

Undertake Needs Assessment

Project Lead: Madeleine Sayle
Project Manager: Etain Mullarney-Ford

Please see the JSNA website for more information 


The purpose of the Undertake Needs Assessment project is looking at the process for conducting a programme of health and care needs assessments which will look at the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the local population to inform and guide the planning and commissioning of health, well-being and social care services.  

The programme should consider the needs arising from all the factors that impact the local population including economic, education, housing and environmental factors (Wider Determinants of Health), this is best achieved by Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  

A JSNA is the first step in a process which leads to the agreement of strategic objectives, the delivery of those objectives through an implementation plan and finally a mechanism for holding all partners to account for delivery.  A JSNA is the single agreed picture of need and is essential for joint strategic planning based on the identification of the most important areas for action, all underpinned by core data sets and evidence based research. 

The intention is that the process will reflect the changing need in how health and care services are to be delivered in the future, from institution led to a whole systems approach that’s largely preventative and looks at wider determinants of health in communities.  It should be population-focused and with the aim of “Health in All Policies” becoming the ‘norm’ across all Isle of Man Government Departments.

The delivery of this project has now been transferred from the Health and Care Transformation Programme to Public Health.

The desired outcomes of this Project are to deliver:

  • Improved understanding of need on the Isle of Man
  • Improved evidence-based service design
  • Whole system approach to designing services around place rather than through individual services
  • Greater proactivity in service delivery
  • The ability to ‘right size’ capacity in specific settings/for specific purposes (models of care)
  • An understanding of demand/need that is currently unmet
  • A clear view of demand that drives the transformation of services


  • Needs Assessment Team has been fully recruited
  • Initial scoping work with the Strategy Board has been completed with chapters for the first two years of Needs Assessment work identified
    • Starting Well / Developing Well 
    • Ageing Well
    • Best practice research work commenced alongside data analysis to evidence the demand/need that is currently unmet
      • Needs Assessment Work Programme launched in April 2022

Aims for the next 12 months:

  • Implementation of the needs assessment programme cycle, processes, procedures and governance
  • Ongoing work around needs assessment education, support and engagement across and outside of Government
  • Identify needs assessment topics for 2023/24 against criteria and prioritisation
  • Annual report to be produced on work completed 2022/23 

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Data and Business Intelligence


This project develops the systematic and accurate capture of information in an agreed core data set. Having accurate, systematic provision of data will help inform decision making and assurance of service provision. The project is also working towards the implementation of a data warehouse, which will provide a holistic repository of data to enable in-depth analysis and reporting of achievement and trends relating to activity, timeliness, quality, outcomes, cost and resource. A procurement exercise is ongoing in advance of the implementation

The delivery of this project has now been transferred from the Health and Care Transformation Programme to Manx Care.

Other work includes establishing:

  • Integrated Performance Report Metrics
  • Current Pathfinder Metrics, i.e. metrics to support development of new models for treatment pathways, eg. Cancer, autism, cardiovascular
  • Public Health Outcome Metrics to inform population needs assessment
  • Care Quality Commission Metrics
  • Operational Reporting Metrics to support and monitor above


  • Established a foundation of a Business Intelligence function
  • Identified and commenced recruitment of resource required to accelerate transformation of the BI function
  • Established Core Data Set v1.0
  • Developed automated integrated performance report
  • Commenced delivery of public health outcome framework data 

Aims for the next 12 months:

  • Address reports for Cancer Pathway and reporting for the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Commence strategic delivery of coding and data improvement (clinical coding)
  • Publish data dictionary for data set approved recommended solution data warehouse and commence delivery
  • Make available Health Outcome Framework (HOF) Reporting
  • Establish the core data set (v2.0)

Closed Projects

Establish Manx Care


The project has created a new organisation, 'Manx Care', with responsibility for delivering all national health and care services on the Island as a public sector arm’s length body, run by a Board appointed by Government and approved by Tynwald. Establishing Manx Care has facilitated the separation of the strategic planning and policy making, to be retained by the DHSC, from the delivery of services by Manx Care – which was a key recommendation of the Report, and resulted in the following Structure of the Health and Care System.

The outcomes of the project include:

  • The establishment of Manx Care in April 2021 following a period of running in shadow form
  • A high-level target operating model setting out clear functions and responsibilities for Manx Care and the DHSC, and the boundaries and interfaces with other parts of the system
  • A formal agreement (the 'Mandate') that will set out the DHSC’s objectives, expectations and budget for Manx Care’s delivery of health and care services for the Island from April 2021

Progress from June 2020 to May 2021:

  • Manx Care Non-Executive Chair, Andrew Foster started 7 September 2020
  • Manx Care Chief Executive, Teresa Cope started 1 December 2020
  • Five Manx Care Non-Executive Board Members appointed: Ms Sarah Pinch, Ms Katie Kapernaros, Ms Vanessa Walker, Mr Nigel Wood and Mr Andrew Guy
  • System Target Operating Model - completed
  • DHSC Mandate to Manx Care developed along with associated supporting documentation:
    • the Overview Document: required by legislation and to be published (after the first two financial years of operation an Operating Plan is required) setting out Manx Care’s response to the Mandate – finalised and submitted from Manx Care to the DHSC
    • the Operating Framework: this has been drafted and will contain some of the detail required to support the DHSC and Manx Care’s working relationship that was originally envisaged to be contained within the Mandate
    • the Manx Care Operational Independence – Position Paper: sets out Manx Care’s independence from government (autonomy) – finalised
    • the Supporting the Work of Elected Members Paper: sets out the manner in which Manx Care will support politicians – finalised
    • Manx Care logo selected by Manx Care staff and approved by Council of Ministers, trademarking application submitted and branding guidelines designed and rolled out
    • Signage at Manx Care locations changed from DHSC to Manx Care
    • Relevant contracts were automatically novated from the DHSC to Manx Care (under the Manx Care Act 2021) and recorded suppliers were notified
    • Approach to ensuring compliance in terms of commissioning and contracts approved and to be progressed by Manx Care
    • Shared Service Agreements developed as working documents between Manx Care and the respective Shared Services it is mandated by the DHSC to use – some have been agreed and some work remains to finalise others
    • Preparing and coordinating redesigned DHSC and Manx Care recruitment in relation to newly required roles
    • Staff briefings, supporting material and formal written notification to all staff to confirm their new organisation
    • Formal transfer of Public Service Commission (PSC) and non-PSC staff from the DHSC to Manx Care
    • Registration of all relevant Manx Care provided services with Registration and Inspection Unit underway and on track for completion
    • Finalisation of legal documentation around Manx Care’s use of buildings and assets owned or previously used by the DHSC
    • Manx Care and redesigned DHSC websites updated to reflect creation of the two organisations
    • Public engagement and communication around the creation of Manx Care
    • Closure of final tasks and deliverables, including outstanding issues and any new issues identified after go-live
    • Final handover to TPMO, redesigned DHSC and Manx Care to ensure completion of outstanding tasks and monitoring of benefits
    • Reconstitution of the Individual Funding Request Panel (IFRP) and Clinical Recommendations Committee (CRC) progressed to be concluded with the DHSC, Manx Care and Public Health with Programme support after project closure
    • Project closure following successful handover

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Transfer of Public Health Directorate to Cabinet Office 


The aim of this project was to enable the Public Health Directorate to comprehensively fulfil its advisory and guidance function to the whole of the Isle of Man Government through the transfer to the Cabinet Office.  Phase one of the project transferred the Directorate and phase two embedded the transition.  This work included:

  • Complete (two) Transfer of Functions Order(s) to move the Public Health Directorate from the DHSC to the Cabinet Office - completed
  • Secure suitable reporting and governance arrangements reflecting the Directorate’s position within the Cabinet Office - completed
  • Transfer the Directorate staff and current funding to being stationed with the Cabinet Office from the DHSC (administratively and, if necessary, physically) - completed
  • Ensure the Directorate’s current functions, generally and also specifically in relation to the DHSC/Manx Care, are maintained when in its new position in the Cabinet Office, including ensuring that appropriate lines of sight, accountability and responsibility are in place for those public health programmes that will be delivered by Manx Care - completed
  • Determine and implement the means/route to enable the Directorate to provide the guidance and advice to the entirety of the Isle of Man Government going forward - completed


  • Completed transition of all personnel, information technology and finance deliverables
  • Mapping of Public Health functions completed
  • Second Transfer of Functions Order laid before Tynwald in December 2020
  • Delegation under Government Departments Act complete
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA), including risk register, Records of Processing Activities and DPIA Report, completed
  • Handover of remaining activities to Public Health (including the ongoing support of data processing and servicing for Quit4U), TPMO (including Memorandum of Understanding with the DHSC) and Information and Digital project (including Data Sharing Agreements)
  • Project closed

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