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Health & Care transformation projects

Care pathways and service delivery

Our aim is to design care pathways that are appropriate for the Island, joined up, coordinated, best value, based on best practice (for example, evidence and research) and deliver quality outcomes and experiences for our community.

Enhance emergency air bridge

To deliver an enhanced air bridge service that meets the needs of the Isle of Man citizens and complements and builds upon the current fixed-wing provision for air ambulance transfers.

Establish & embed governance and accountability framework

The project aims to create a clear and systematic governance and accountability framework, covering the DHSC, Manx Care and associated Government functions.

Implement external quality regulation

This project will ensure that there is a consistent, independent and systematic approach to the inspection of all health and care services delivered or commissioned by Manx Care.

Improve legislative framework

The project will address the gaps in the law needed to underpin a safe and responsible health and care service for the Isle of Man, as highlighted in the Review.

Information governance

This project aims to achieve GDPR compliance for Manx Care, the DHSC and the Public Health Directorate to secure the foundations for a sustainable information governance framework.

Manx Care record

This project will ensure that digital systems used are effective, flexible and reliable, to support an integrated health and care system.

New funding arrangements

The aim of this project is to achieve a health and care system that plans for the future, is affordable, financially sustainable, and delivered to an agreed set of standards, contracts and mandate through six strands of work.

Nursing, residential and home care

This Project looks at how nursing and residential care home places are funded, and also considers providing more care at home, which can help manage the demand on care homes.

The overall objective of the project is to find a fair and sustainable way to fund social care whilst ensuring that care is available to those who need it.

Primary care at scale

This project is responsible for the delivery of Recommendation 15 of the Final Report following Sir Jonathan Michael's Independent Review of the Isle of Man Health and Care system.

Workforce & culture

The project aims to introduce a new workforce model which enables the joint optimisation of the social/people and technical/process elements of culture that create a high performing organisation.

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