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Health & Care Transformation

Programme update - Spring 2023

Having been set up for the purpose of delivering an enhanced air bridge service that meets the needs of the Isle of Man and complements and builds upon the current fixed-wing provision for air ambulance transfers, there have been further developments with the programme’s Air Bridge project in recent months. The great news for the people of the Island, is that the Health and Care Transformation Programme has received approval to fund a further 12 months of the HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services). The HEMS service was first introduced on a trial basis in March 2022, for an initial six months, which was then extended to March 2023. It is anticipated that in a further 12 months (by the end of March 2024), there will be enough data to confirm the expected clinical benefit to continue our partnership with the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) in the longer term.

Although the GNAAS does currently receive funding from the Isle of Man government, it is a charity and is dependent on donations. To donate or find out more about the charity, visit the GNAAS website. Or, if you have an idea or opportunity to help raise funds for GNAAS’ cause, you can get in touch with them by emailing or calling 01325 487 263.

Progress has also been made in recent months by the External Quality Regulations project, which was created to satisfy Recommendation 3 of Sir Jonathan Michael’s Final Report, which set out that regular external inspections should be carried out on services provided directly by Manx Care, or by others on its behalf, reporting back to the Manx Care Board and the DHSC.  The project has spent the last year supporting the DHSC and Manx Care with the actual inspection of services by CQC. As at April 2023, there have been 73 inspections, and currently 70 of the reports have been published by the DHSC.

The Programme continues to explore options for a single integrated care record (a single point of truth for care records) and has, together with Manx Care, agreed an approach to the procurement of the Manx Care record, working closely with Liverpool University Foundation Trust (LUFT). The intention is to procure the services necessary to deliver the Manx Care Record through a procurement being run by LUFT on behalf of a range of potential participants in the North West of England. The Programme is also working with Treasury to ensure funding is available to support the chosen solution.

Much more can be found by looking at our Projects page, or reading our round-up of 2022 newsletter if you want a recap of activities.


Following Tynwald's approval of the Treasury Minister's motion on 16 January 2018, the Council of Ministers commissioned Sir Jonathan Michael to chair an independent review of health and social care on the Island.

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Progress on the 26 recommendations at a glance

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The Transformation Programme is being carried out by a dedicated team under the Chief Executive (Isle of Man Government) within the Cabinet Office, working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, Manx Care, Public Health and the Treasury.

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The Health & Care Transformation project is managed through the Transformation Programme Management Office.  There is also a Transformation Board and a Political Board.

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We would like to ensure island residents and service users can easily keep up-to-date with work on the programme. Please do let us know how you would like to hear from us. Are drop-in sessions helpful? Do you find the newsletters useful and interesting? How else would you like to be informed of progress?

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