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Transformation Programme Management Office

The Transformation Programme Management Office (TPMO) is responsible for the overall delivery (including quality and timeframes) of the transformation programme.  Its focus is on leading the cross cutting workstreams (including communication and engagement, finances, resources, digital and data) and the overarching governance and reporting of the programme as well as overseeing and enabling the individual project teams to deliver on their tasks. 

The Chief Secretary has appointed Clair Barks and Robin O’Connor to co-lead the Health and Care Transformation Programme. They are accountable to the Chief Secretary for the delivery of the Programme, with responsibilities divided as shown in the table below:

Clair Barks Accountabilities:

Robin O’Connor Accountabilities:

Lead on the operational, financial and resourcing aspects across the Programme.


Lead on the strategic approach across the Programme, reporting and broader relationship with DHSC.


Ownership of the critical restructuring projects: Establish Manx Care, Improve Legislative Framework, Governance and Accountability, New Funding Arrangements, Transfer Public Health.


Ownership of the enduring projects: Needs Assessment, Service by Service Review, Care Pathways, Data, Information and Knowledge, Digital Strategy, Air Bridge, Primary Care at Scale, Quality Regulation, Workforce and Culture.


These projects are focussed on achieving the new structure and organisation for health and care services and how they will be governed, managed and fit in with the wider Government system. These projects are focussed on the date for Manx Care going live (April 2021) but will require embedding from that point onwards.

These projects are focussed on changes to the way health and care services are delivered, which will continue through at least the medium, if not long-term, as we move into a continually improving health and care system. The leadership of these projects may need to change or be adjusted at shadow form or go-live of Manx Care. 

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