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Transformation Political Board

A Health and Care Transformation Political Board provides political oversight of and accountability to the Council of Ministers for the implementation of the Transformation Programme.

The Members of and Advisers to the Political Board are set out below:

  • Hon Lawrie Hooper MHK (Chair), Minister for Health and Social Care
  • Hon David Ashford MBE MHK, Minister for the Treasury 
  • Hon Kate Lord-Brennan MHK, Minister for Cabinet Office
  • Mr Will Greenhow, Chief Secretary
  • Karen Malone Chief Executive Officer for Health and Social Care
  • Teresa Cope, Manx Care Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Foster, Manx Care Non-Executive Chair
  • Caldric Randall, Chief Financial Officer, The Treasury
  • Sir Jonathan Michael, Independent Adviser
  • Clair Barks, Co-Lead of Health and Care Transformation
  • Robin O’Connor, Co-Lead of Health and Care Transformation

The Political Board has oversight of the transformation programme and will hold the Chief Secretary to account for the delivery of it. The Political Board will ensure the Transformation Programme has access to the resources required to transform the health and care system, including in relation to Human Resources and finances. The Board will assist in addressing issues or obstructions to the transformation and providing political guidance as required throughout the course of the Transformation Programme and in line with the principles and recommendations set out in the independent report.

The Political Board will report to the Council of Ministers on a minimum quarterly basis and support the Council of Ministers in preparing a report for submission to Tynwald, and published, on an annual basis.

The Terms of Reference for the Health and Care Transformation Board can be found in the Downloadable Documents on the right hand side of this page along with Extract of Proceedings from previous meetings.

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