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Transformation Board

The Chief Secretary is accountable to the Political Board for the delivery of the Transformation Programme and has the support of a Board to monitor, manage and enable the work of the Transformation Programme at an operational level. 

The Members of and Advisers to the Board are set out below:

  • Will Greenhow, Chief Secretary (Chair) 
  • Karen Malone Chief Executive Officer for Health and Social Care
  • Teresa Cope, Manx Care Chief Executive Officer    
  • Caldric Randall, Chief Financial Officer
  • Professor James Kingsland OBE, Independent Clinical/Professional Adviser
  • Dr Ishaku Pam, Vice-Chair of the Clinical and Professional Transformation Panel
  • Clair Barks, Co-Lead of Health and Care Transformation
  • Robin O’Connor, Co-Lead of Health and Care Transformation
  • Elizabeth Smith, Executive Director of Legal Services
  • Clare Conie, Executive Director for the Office of Human Resources

The Terms of Reference for the Health and Care Transformation Board can be found in the Downloadable Documents on the right hand side of this page along with Extract of Proceedings from previous meetings.

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