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Health and Care Transformation


The Health and Care Transformation Programme is being delivered by the Cabinet Office in conjunction with the Department of Health and Social Care and the Treasury in order to deliver on the 26 recommendations set out in Sir Jonathan Michael’s Independent Review of the Isle of Man’s Health and Social Care System. For an easy read version of the Independent Review. For more information regarding the programme, Background or read our leaflet

Programme Update

In support of recommendation 3, the Implement External Quality Regulation project has enabled a formal agreement between England’s Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Island’s DHSC to develop a system of independent inspections of Manx Care (delivered or contracted) services and to undertake baseline inspections of a broad range of health and care services.

In March 2022, project Enhanced Emergency Air Bridge delivered on recommendation 13 by achieving the establishment of the new Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) as a trial period of 6 months. This represents a significant landmark achievement for the Island and its future delivery of health and care, particularly for those who have suffered significant trauma or serious illness.

The Undertake Needs Assessment project, in support of recommendations 10 and 11 now have a fully resourced team and has developed the detailed process to fulfil its purpose. Two important areas for examination have been determines (Ageing Well and Starting Well/Developing Well) for 2022/23 and agreed by the Strategy Board.

The Information and Digital Project has now been separated into three separate projects- Data/Business Intelligence, Information Governance and the Manx Care Record. The aim of this is to improve management, reduce delays and increase the ability to deliver the significant work required in this area, in support of recommendations 21,22,23,24.

For a snapshot of the programme and progress, please view the Plan on a Page document.

For more details, please view our Annual Report or our Frequently Asked Questions, or read our News and Events.

Please visit Surveys and Consultations, which is regularly updated as and when we have additional surveys open for participation. This page also summarises findings of previous surveys.

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