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Government as a Single Legal Entity

A Council of Ministers sub-committee, chaired by Minister for Policy and Reform Chris Thomas MHK formed in January this year to investigate the merits and practicalities of organising Government as a Single Legal Entity.  The sub-committee is conducting an internal consultation in order to obtain views from across Government and will submit an interim report for debate in Tynwald in July 2017.

Government as a Single Legal Entity, by Sir John Elvidge in 2014, considered whether the Departmental system remained the most appropriate structure for effectively delivering public services, or whether an alternative approach is required to achieve greater flexibility and more integrated working across Government.

Public consultation in summer 2015 concluded that there was merit in establishing Government as a single legal entity, with a large majority of respondents (74%) in support of the principle.

This internal consultation document does not contain firm policy proposals at this stage. It is intended to move the discussion on from the 2015 consultation, and is therefore not subject to full public consultation.  Any views received may help the sub-committee reach conclusions for discussion in Tynwald and as part of a wider public debate.

Please see the News Release that was sent out on 5 May.

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