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The Benefits

The benefits of our strategy to build a strong national identity touches all parts of our lives – social, cultural and economic.

Modern Building

The strategy will help us:

  • Clarify who we are, uniting us together with a common sense of identity
  • Foster self-esteem and build a sense of pride
  • Become stronger as a nation, more able to express ourselves in the world at large and better able to withstand life’s ups and downs
  • Provide us with focus, to understand what we are trying to achieve as a nation, putting us in better shape to collaborate in partnerships as well as compete
  • Appreciate more fully what we do have and what makes us stand out, preserving and valuing our traditions and continuing to make them relevant today and for tomorrow
  • Inspire producers and service providers to develop new products and services that reflect aspects of the personality in more imaginative ways
  • Portray a clear message to the outside world, attracting visitors and much needed trade partners and investors too
  • Ensure that we talk consistently to the outside world about our strengths – focusing on the most powerful and compelling messages. We will no longer need to have conflicting messages or experiences coming from different sectors, confusing our visitors, our customers and even ourselves
  • Economically, by giving us direction and a clear reason why people should trade with us, visit us and invest in us
  • Use our resources more effectively and provide us with economies of scale
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