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Supporting our Promise

When you are talking about the Isle of Man to others, use details such as these to explain how our promise works.

  1. The Isle of Man’s education system is first rate. Its results consistently outperform the UK, building the necessary skills for 21st Century success, and more than 75% of pupils achieve an IT qualification.
  2. Quality of life on the Isle of Man is high – with little commuting, low personal taxes, very low crime and a lively arts and cultural scene.
  3. The Isle of Man is a land of outstanding natural beauty. The dramatic scenery spanning majestic mountains and enchanting glens, invigorates the senses and provides an inspirational space to think and breathe.
  4. The Isle of Man financial services industry, started from scratch around 30 years ago, has won major awards year after year.
  5. Centrally located within the British Isles, the Isle of Man is secure and relaxing yet dynamic and successful. That’s why it achieved the highest rating ever polled by MORI, for its quality of life.
  6. The Isle of Man has a successful and diverse economy – 90% of supported new business start-ups succeed and its economy is growing at three times the rate in Europe.
  7. Effective public/private sector co-operation has led to a first rate business environment with world class telecom and broadband, business support systems, grants and zero rate corporate tax.
  8. The Government, of this independent nation, is agile and responsive, able to meet the needs of both business and local communities by creating effective new legislation, cutting red tape and reducing bureaucracy.
  9. The Isle of Man has a heritage of originality spanning centuries. That is why there is not only a vibrant arts scene but also successful new sectors such as shipping, movie-making, aerospace services and e-business.
  10. Our communities regularly work together to ensure we give of our best, be it in charity fundraising and volunteer programmes; performing in, creating and staging award winning concerts and productions; or participating in, organising, excelling at and winning world class sporting events.
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