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Crown Services

The governor's house.

The Crown Division of External Relations is responsible for the efficient delivery of the public services of the Chief Secretary’s Office. These include the policy, legislative and administrative functions in respect of passports, nationality and immigration and wider strategic issues including involvement in the development of the e-Borders programme.

The Crown Division is also responsible for administering elections and judicial appointments. The provision of advice and assistance to the Lieutenant Governor in the exercise of his responsibilities and the management of Government House are also key responsibilities of the Division.

In general terms these functions are as follows:-

Services to the Lieutenant Governor

  • General advice as required
  • Administer various appointments
  • Administrative support for Royal and other visits
  • Assist with swearing-In (every 5 years)
  • Royal Assent Advisory Committee

Information about the Lieutenant Governor

Immigration, Passports and Nationality

  • Manage the issue of passports
  • Process applications for naturalisation and registration as British citizens from persons resident on the Isle of Man
  • Process applications to enter or remain on Isle of Man by foreign nationals and to enforce immigration legislation




Crown appointments and service of committees

  • Administration of Crown appointments, including judicial appointments
  • Service of committees as requested
  • For information about the role of Coroners in the Isle of Man, and the Coroners Code of Conduct, please click here


  • Assist with Elections and By-Elections
  • Administer appointments to Crown livings
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