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External Relations

External Relations Overview

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The External Relations Division builds productive networks and positive relationships throughout relevant international communities. Under the strategic direction of the Chief Secretary and Director, the External Relations Division is responsible for advising on the constitutional and international obligations which underpin the Isle of Man’s external relations in addition to important matters of associated policy and strategy.

It is vital that the Island builds and maintains strong international relationships. It is our role to support this aim through robust and proactive engagement with the United Kingdom, particularly the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The MoJ is the Island’s official channel of communication with the UK Government the European Union and its member states, key international targets and many other diverse external bodies.

To support these relationships we have an important role in improving international awareness of the Isle of Man. We are also responsible for the delivery of a range of important public services which include all passport, nationality and immigration matters, planning appeals, elections, judicial appointments and the public activities provided by Government House.

Government’s Corporate Communications Service, created in 2014, has brought media and public relations staff together from across government to provide a centralised professional service for all departments. The Service manages communications outreach to internal and external stakeholders, in addition to domestic and international audiences; and coordinates public relations and promotion work across Government, ensuring that messaging is consistent and reflects the themes of the Programme for Government.

International Affairs

As the field of international affairs is constantly changing, it is the role of the External Relations Division to identify, prioritise and address the key challenges faced by the Chief Minister, Council of Ministers and Isle of Man Government as a whole, by ensuring that –

  • the constitutional and legal structures are in place for them to achieve their goals
  • we build, develop or enhance good relations with key partners, to raise the Island’s profile and protect the Island’s reputation
  • the Isle of Man’s message is communicated effectively to influential key policy makers and decision takers
  • the Isle of Man complies with the appropriate international standards

The Division collaborates with all Isle of Man Government Departments, to a greater or lesser degree, to raise the Island’s profile, building on and maintaining relations with London (Ministry of Justice, Westminster, and the City of London) throughout the British Isles (BIC and Jersey/Guernsey), Brussels (EU and MEP network) throughout Europe as well as internationally (Washington). Similarly, our expanded communications role sees us communicating our message all over the world.

In general terms the main functions of the Division are:

Maintenance of Relationship with UK Government

Maintenance of Relationship with UK Government

Ensuring the prompt transmission to the Ministry of Justice of relevant material from the Isle of Man Government and ensuring the proper consideration and dissemination of material received from the Ministry of Justice.

European Union

Ensuring that adequate scrutiny of EU developments is maintained in the interests of the Island, and that information received is disseminated to appropriate Government or other agencies.

Treaties and Conventions

Ensuring that consideration is given to whether the Island should be included in relevant treaties and conventions. Co-ordination of information required to be submitted by the Island under various agreements.

International Development Fund

The External Relations Team is responsible for the administration of the Isle of Man Government's International Development Fund, in accordance with the policy of the Council of Ministers and at the direction of the Cabinet Office Political Group.

External Relations Team

The External Relations team is as follows:

  • Della Fletcher, Executive Director, Crown & External Relations
  • Sam McCauley , Head of External Relations Team
  • Anne Shimmin, External Relations Manager Policy & Legislation
  • Sara McIntyre, External Relations Policy Manager
  • Rachael Huxley, External Relations Executive Officer
  • Laura Stanley, Acting External Relations Executive Officer
  • Henry Swithinbank, External Relations Officer

The Corporate Communications Service also falls within the External Relations Division andconsists of:

  • Liz Aelberry, Head of Corporate Communications
  • Richard Parslow, Communications Executive - for Cabinet Office, Infrastructure and Home Affairs
  • Jo Overty, Communications Executive - for Education and Children and for Environment, Food and Agriculture 
  • Jonathan Davies, Communications Executive - for Health and Social Care 
  • Stephen Parry, Communications Officer - for Health and Social Care

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