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The Isle of Man has held a full census every 10 years since 1821 with interim censuses being introduced from 1966.

The census is a national survey of people and households in the Isle of Man and is needed to provide key information which is not available from any other source. For example, Government will use the information for planning purposes, to assess whether there are enough schools, hospital and maternity facilities etc.

Businesses use the census results when they are considering whether or not to establish a presence in the Island and, if so, where to site new factories, offices and shops. Local authorities also need to know how many pople live in their area in order to optimise the services they provide.

Electronic copies of Isle of Man Census Reports are available for 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016.

Unpublished data may be supplied on request. Enquiries should be addressed to:

Economic Affairs Division

Cabinet Office

Government Offices

Bucks Road


IM1 3PN.

Telephone:+44 1624 685752

Email:Send Email

Paper copies, including those for years prior to 1996, are available from the Tynwald Library, Legislative Buildings, Finch Road, Douglas, IM1 3PW.

Key data from the last Isle of Man Census held on the night 24 to 25 April 2016 showed:

 Residents present


Resident population -

residents present on Census Night 
plus residents absent on Census night


Visitors present


De facto population -

Residents present on Census Night 
plus visitors in the Island on Census Night



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