Professor James Curran, a distinguished climate scientist and former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, was appointed as the independent chair to produce a climate action report that would detail options for targets and actions to enable to Isle of Man to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

The appendices to this report can be found below.

Action PlanProfessor Curran's Report
GD20190101 - IOMG Action Plan GD20190102 - James Curran Report
Appendices of Prof James Curran’s independent climate action report
Appendix. 2 (a) Isle of Man GHG inventory report Appendix. 19 Gas grid
Appendix. 2 (b) Other GHGs Appendix. 20 Nuclear power
Appendix. 3 Just Transition Appendix. 21 Direct air capture
Appendix. 4 Population health Appendix. 22 (a) End fossil-fuel heating
Appendix. 5 Guidance Appendix. 22 (b) Heat pump
Appendix. 6 Stakeholder Engagement Appendix. 23 Restrict fossil - Fuelled vechicles
Appendix. 7 Offsetting Appendix. 24 Business hubs
Appendix. 8 Embedding zero carbon concepts Appendix. 25 (a) Public transport
Appendix. 9 School curriculum Appendix. 25 (b) Electric vehicles in government fleet
Appendix. 10 (a) Peatlands Appendix. 26 Electric Vehicles - Charging network
Appendix. 10 (b) Tree Planting and Habitat Connectivity Appendix. 27 Active travel
Appendix. 10 (c) Blue carbon Appendix. 28 Vertical farming
Appendix. 11 Government estates Appendix. 29 Direct marketing
Appendix. 12 Energy efficiency Appendix. 30 Circular Economy
Appendix. 13 (a) Energy from Waste Plant- Energy options Appendix. 31 Single use plastics
Appendix. 13 (b) Energy from Waste Plant - Heat Appendix. 32 Procurement
Appendix. 13 (c) Energy from Waste Plant- Collection of waste Appendix. 33 (a) Shipping & Aviation Research
Appendix. 14 Onshore wind and solar generation Appendix. 33 (b) Ferries
Appendix. 15 (a) Distributed energy Appendix. 33 (c) Cruise Ships
Appendix. 15 (b) Grid strengthening Appendix. 34 Planning net- zero
Appendix. 15 (c) UK Interconnection Appendix. 35 Sustainable drainage
Appendix. 16 Offshore wind Appendix. 36 (b) (ii) Tax
Appendix. 17 Tidal power Appendix. 36 (b) (iii) Levies
Appendix. 18 Agriculture Appendix. 37 Evidence Gaps