Chief Minister’s Zero Hours Contracts Committee Report

Ensuring that employment is fair and works for both workers and employers is an important issue for the Isle of Man Government. 

The Chief Minister asked a Committee to look carefully at the issues faced by people working on zero hours contracts and report back on the findings. 

The Committee’s Terms of Reference was very clear that there was no biased position; the focus was on gathering evidence about how these contracts are used in the Isle of Man, finding out if there was any abuse taking place, in particular around paying National Insurance, and writing the Report. 

The Committee talked to and asked for feedback from the public, businesses, employers and unions about their experiences using and working on these contracts. 

The Report shows there is no evidence of widespread systematic abuse of zero hours contracts. 

Because of some concerns raised through the public survey, the Committee recommends some actions including awareness raising, legislation changes and further work to look at employment rights and benefits.