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Tynwald is the Isle of Man’s parliament. Parliament decides on money matters, makes new laws and talks about things which are important in the Isle of Man. Talking about things in parliament is called a debate.

Tynwald is a tri-cameral parliament. This means it has three parts: the House of Keys and the Legislative Council who meet separately and Tynwald Court, when they all meet together. The Legislative Council and the House of Keys, sit separately to consider legislation, but also sit together in Douglas, and annually at St John’s for Tynwald Day.

The High Court of Tynwald has an unlimited, but not necessarily exclusive, legislative competence. Tynwald is of Norse origin and over 1,000 years old, and is thus the oldest parliament in the world with an unbroken existence.

The Sword of State sits in the Tynwald Court Chamber whenever the Court meets.

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