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SAVE Programme

Your services, your money, your ideas, our future

What we did 

We received over 1,300 contributions to the SAVE challenge which exceeded our expectations. Our ideas review approach has been completed in a number of stages:

  • Initial sift
  • SAVE Programme Review
  • Council of Ministers Review

Every idea has been reviewed by a team of officers from Treasury and the Cabinet Office. All ideas were categorised as either an idea meeting the requirements of the SAVE programme (reducing our revenue expenditure or cost of our services) a comment or an income generating idea.

Our initial sift excluded general comments and ideas about income generation.  The priority for the SAVE programme is to reduce revenue expenditure and improve the efficiency of our services, so income generating ideas are not a current priority. 

Over 700 contributions we received were categorised as an idea and were subject to the next stage of review with Departments. We have published all ideas received and our responses in Excel and Word document as part of our commitment to open and transparent data sharing.

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What we asked 

Our main purpose was to encourage serious thought to how government could streamline its services, cut waste or do things in new and innovative ways to reduce our revenue expenditure by £25million by 2021-22.

We invited members of the public, our staff, Political Members and Departments to join our challenge on how we could deliver our public services in new and innovative ways.

Using our online ideas hub we encouraged people to register with the site, share their ideas, rate and comment on other ideas posted by users.

For people who did not wish to use the online ideas hub, we published a series of newspapers advertisements during April and May which provided forms to be submitted to us. Ideas were also submitted using dedicated SAVE postcards and drop boxes located at public counters across the Island.

The SAVE Team held public drop-in sessions around the Island during the challenge. These provided an opportunity for people to discuss their suggestions and submit their ideas on postcards. Sessions were held at Henry Bloom Noble Library in Douglas, Ramsey Town Hall, Peel Town Hall and Castletown Civic Centre, University College Isle of Man and Noble’s Hospital.

For more information contact Karen Malone the SAVE Programme Manager.


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