Programme for Government

The Programme for Government 'Our Island - a special place to live and work' is the strategic plan, prepared by the Council of Ministers with involvement and input from Chief Officers, Departments and Tynwald members.

The Programme for Government was originally agreed in Tynwald in January 2017, stating our strategic objectives for the term of our administration and the outcomes we hoped to achieve through it.  As we enter the final year of this parliament, the world finds itself in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. This and other external factors, such as the prospect of a trade agreement between the UK and the EU, will undoubtedly continue to influence the work of Government in the coming months and years.

We are pleased that the Programme for Government continues to set out an ambitious but achievable vision of a nation that strives to be inclusive, tolerant and sustainable. It continues to set the agenda for delivery and will monitor the achievements of this administration.

The programme is monitored and measured through a performance framework approved at Tynwald in April 2017. Reporting is provided at please visit this page for the quarterly and annual reports showing our progress.

The programme for Government identifies three strategic objectives:

  • An inclusive and caring society
  • An Island of enterprise and opportunity
  • Financially responsible government

There are 20 outcomes in total and they have been grouped into five themes:

  • Enterprise and Opportunity Island
  • Responsible Island
  • Sustainable island
  • Inclusive and Caring Island
  • Healthy and Safe Island

Each outcome is supported by a number of policy statements and these are intended to represent the Council of Ministers' commitments for each outcome.
A number of initial actions have also been agreed by Council of Ministers, which help take Government closer to achieving its overall objectives.

The Programme for Government is the basis for policies, decisions, and actions and Departments have developed detailed delivery plans to deliver the outcomes. For an overview of the Programme for Government download a summary