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Island Plan

Building a secure, vibrant and sustainable future is the vision set out by the Government in the Island Plan, which was published in mid-January 2022.

The Island Plan proposes commitments and priorities at a high level for the lifetime of the Island Plan from 2021 - 2026, and provides high level indicators as to where to focus eff­orts and resources, which will be supplemented by more detail as the Island Plan develops with further input.

The vision for the Island Plan is to build a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island nation:

  • Secure
    We have an Island where everyone feels safe, our economy is secure, our health and education systems support everyone, and we have housing, food, energy, and transport security.

  •  Vibrant
    Our Island is vibrant, diverse and welcoming, providing excellent educational, recreational and economic opportunities for all, and our businesses are able to grow with confidence, accessing the skills and people required now and into the future.

  • Sustainable
    We look after and nurture our Island and our resources, driving forward our local agenda towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable society and environment.

Developed in the first 30 days of the new administration, the plan sets out a roadmap of how Government will work to make meaningful improvements to people’s lives over the next five years.  It has five broad themes: 

  • Building great communities
  • An Island of health and wellbeing
  • A strong and diverse economy
  • An environment we can be proud of
  • Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all

The full plan can be accessed via the downloadable documents section on this page. 

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