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CoMin Reports

This page features some of the reports and consultations considered by the Council of Ministers.

Consultation responses

Criminal Justice Strategy: A summary of responses to the public consultation on the Criminal Justice Strategy.

Code of Practice on consultation: This Code of Practice on Consultation outlines the criteria that applies to all public consultations carried out from the July 1, 2008, by Government Departments.

CoMin Reports

Primary Legislation Update: To help with the delivery of the Programme for Government 2016-2021, Council of Ministers agreed a legislative schedule which will be updated regularly during the Programme. 

Renewable Energy Target: Council of Ministers report on the progress, options and recommendations regarding the Isle of Man's renewable energy target.

Environment and Infrastructure Policy: Report by the Council of Ministers sub-committee on Environment and Infrastructure Policy.

Agenda for Change: This document sets out the priorities for the Isle of Man Government for the four years to September 2016.

CoMin Scope of Government response: This report sets out the Council of Ministers’ responses to the Scope of Government review committee’s recommendations, along with the principles and methodology which will guide Council's assessments.

Cross-Government Report 2015: This report is divided into 2 parts:  The first part reflects the requirement for Departments to maintain a record of data; and the second part of the report draws together other information which has been collated by the Cabinet Office.

Tynwald Policy Decisions Report 2015: This report lists all Tynwald policy decisions including recommendations of Tynwald Committees to be actioned by Government.

Commitment to combating money laundering: Isle of Man Government commitment to combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation

Government structure: Report of the Council of Ministers on the Review of the Scope and Structure of the Isle of Man Government.


Code of Practice on access to Government information: Open government is part of an effective democracy. Citizens must have adequate access to the information and analysis on which government business is based. Ministers and public servants have a duty to explain their policies, decisions and actions to the public. Governments need, however, to keep some information confidential, and have a duty to protect the proper privacy of those with whom they deal.

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